Phone Payment

We at Marhaba Payments make taking credit and debit card payments through the phone easy. Get more details about our phone payment solutions:


Card Machines

All our Chip & PIN machines can make procedure “cardholder not present” transactions, make it easy to take credit and debit card payments over the phone. With a Marhaba card machine, simply enter the customer’s card number, payment amount and security number as they read it out over the phone.


Virtual Terminal

With using virtual terminal, you can easily do phone payments. Use either an internet-connected computer or tablet and you’ll be able to process your connections through our web-based interface. Take your customers details over the phone and update a simple online form to make safe payment.

The latest payment guard for your transactions

With superior payment protection and security, our acquire partners process all our phone transactions, which means you can take quick and secure phone payments with no safety measures worries.

AVS & CV2 Checks

As standard, AVS and CV2 security check are made to ensure that you and your customers are guaranteed to be protected.

PCI Level 1 Secure

Using PCI Level 1 Secure, your company will be PCI DSS compliant. The details of your customers are safe and secure when they go to pay.

SSL Certified

By ensure that you are SSL Certified while using our virtual terminal, all phone payment transactions use a safe connection.


NO Set-Up or Exit Fees