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Privacy Policy


  • Marhaba is required to ensure that all new applications and merchants are boarded using the appropriate legal and regulatory standards for market.
  • As part of our ongoing review process, Legal have made some updates to our UK Privacy Policy and the supporting messages to customers. The Privacy Policy remains a critical part of the customer engagement process and the first obligation for sales and Partners to complete in our proof of conduct chain for customer’s acceptance of the Payment Acceptance Agreement.
  • The Privacy Policy outlines EVO’s intention and right to the handle and share the customer’s of Personal data provided from first contact.


EVO’s customer contract process ~ Conduct


  • Evo Payments operates in the UK with a market leading signature-less and paper-less customer contract process known as the  Payment Acceptance Agreement.
  • Commitment to the contract from the customer is based on a series of activities and actions across the end to end sales process which together as referred to as ‘Conduct’. 
  • All partner sales teams must complete the sales process to meet the Conduct activities.  The first of these is the provision of the Data Privacy Policy which allows EVO to use and share customer data across the sales cycle and on-boarding process.
  • Once the customer has been on-boarded successfully to EVO, the Privacy Policy is superseded by Article V ~ Data Protection within the standard Terms & Conditions of the Payment Acceptance Agreement.
  • The Privacy Policy is shared with the customer at the beginning of the sales discussion and is accepted by progressing with further discussions or exchanges (email etc.)  This means that the data sharing responsibility covers the whole of the customer engagement with EVO whether the customer chooses to buy from EVO or not.


Privacy Policy


  1. The UK Privacy Policy is now hosted on the EVO UK website and can be found in full at https://www.evopayments.co.uk/privacy/
  2. EVO will only share data with other members of the EVO Group and partners as appropriate to the sales, onboarding and account management processes at EVO.  This is not a right to use or sell your data for general marketing purposes.
  3. The sales messaging/script to be read or shared with the customer during initial conversation has been revised to shorten the text and to be easier for sales to share and customers to understand.  The message should be read or emailed in full with evidence that this is completed in every sales call.  The wording is: 

Please be aware that as part of the sales and application process, we will share the data you give with members of the EVO Payments International Group and Partners who are necessary for the review and acceptance of your application, and set up of your account.  This data is not sold or shared with any other persons for any other purpose such as general marketing.  If you would like further information, the full Privacy Policy is hosted at https://www.evopayments.co.uk/privacy/